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Labor Market Review 2016

Labor Market Review 2016

The Labor Market Review 2016 is an analytical overview of the labor market and wages, which is meant for new companies entering the Uzbek market or those who are already working here. The Review reflects relevant and reliable trends in the development of the local labor market.

Labor Market Review

The Labor Market Review is a product of DaVinci Management Consulting's research and analytical activity.

We provide a unique overview, which is meant for companies working in Uzbekistan, and reflects the most relevant and reliable information about the labor market.

Comprehensive independent expert assessment was developed to help managers to solve practical HRM issues.

We, DaVinci Solutions, systematically conduct the labor market surveys in Uzbekistan, our database is updated based on information obtained by means of various research methodologies and tools.

This review includes information received from HR departments of widely different companies in the most major sectors, data collected on the results of daily work with candidates, a summarized analysis based on qualitative and quantitative monitoring of professional websites, materials collected on the results of cold calls to top-managers and heads in local and international companies.

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