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DaVinci Management Consulting Company has launched an annual award to identify the most attractive HR brands in the domestic market, participate in order to support the reputation of the brand among employees, to interest competent applicants as well as to build up competitive advantages in the labor market.

Stages of the contest

March 15-July 15. Acceptance of applications from contest participants.

July 15-August 15. Evaluation of the effectiveness of HR department - filling out questionnaires for researching the company's HR metrics.

July 15 to August 31. Internal evaluation - filling in anonymous questionnaires among the personnel of participating companies.

July 15 to August 31. Questioning of students of leading universities in the country - interviews with selective applicants from the DaVinci database.

10 September. Summing up the results of the competition and voting.

September 20-21. Solemn ceremony of rewarding the winners.

17 best employers of Uzbekistan will be chosen!

14 nominations

• Top 3 of desired employers of the country

• The Best Innovative HR Project of the Year

• The Most Recognizable HR-brand

• Student's choice (survey among students 4-5 course)

• HR-Director of the Year

• HR-Team of the Year

• The best employer (pharmaceuticals)

• The best employer (FMCG)

• The best employer (HORECA)

• The best employer (industry)

• The best employer (distribution)

• The best employer (logistics and transport)

• The best employer (banks, finance, audit)

• The best employer (architecture and construction)

The annual award "The Best Employer of Uzbekistan" started in 2016. Experts of DaVinci Management Consulting arranged employers rating, conducted a number of surveys, and organized external and internal evaluation of the participant activities. The strongest brands were identified in 9 nominations. The winners of 2016 were:

• LLC "Lukoil Uzbekistan Operating Company" - "Care for employees"

• DP "Anglesey Food" - "Breakthrough of the Year"

• FE Coscom LLC - "Telecommunications"

• CNH - Industry

• Balton Trading Asia - "Distribution"

• Nestle - "Production"

• Agromir - "Loyalty of personnel"

• JSC JV "UzBAT" - "Better employee training"

• Smart Group Restaurants - "Creative of the Year"

In 2017, 11 companies were the leaders in 9 categories:

  • JSC "GM Uzbekistan", LLC "Lukoil Uzbekistan Operating Company", Murad Buildings - "Choice of students"
  • JSC "General Motors Powertrain Uzbekistan", PE "Mirel Group" - "Internship for students"
  • JSC JV "UzBAT", National Bank for Foreign Economic Activity of the Republic of Uzbekistan - "Career Start"
  • JSC JV "UzBAT" - "Program of Managers of trainees"
  • LLC "Unitel" - "Team spirit"
  • DP "Anglesey Food", Abbott Laboratories SA - "Care of employees"
  • FE Coscom LLC - "Social Protection and Social Partnership"
  • JSC "General Motors Powertrain Uzbekistan", DP "Anglesey Food" - "Personal development of employees"
  • LLC Lukoil Uzbekistan Operating Company, DP Anglesey Food - "The most desirable employer of the country"

Participation in "The Best Employer of Uzbekistan" contest is the opportunity to increase the loyalty of employees and the attraction of the most talented candidates. Leave your application by June 15, 2018 and state yourself in the labor market.

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