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Labor Market Review 2017

Labor Market Review 2017

The Labor Market Review 2017 is an analytical overview of the labor market and wages which is meant for new companies entering the Uzbek market or for those who are already working here. The Review reflects relevant and reliable trends in the development of the local labor market.

Labor Market Review

The Labor Market Review is one of the most important analytical components of a company's HR policy for those the systematic collection, processing and analysis of data from multiple sources of information are assumed. The lack of such studies may lead to various problems for the employer: increased staff turnover, worsen atmosphere among fellow employees due to salary dissatisfaction, difficulties in recruiting highly qualified employees, degrading the company’s image as an employer.

The Review displays information collected by the analysts throughout the year by means of questionnaires, interviews, applying marketing and sociological research methodology, field studies of the labor market, point surveys of professionals working in similar positions, as well as using data from the media sources such as specialized Internet resources (job search websites).

This is a comprehensive independent expert assessment of the labor market key indicators, level of compensation, analysis of the workforce capacity and incentive policies.

The data obtained by means of various research methodologies and tools take into account the peculiarities of the Uzbek labor market, the material expectations of job seekers, the size and structure of compensation packages and wages, as well as the main trends in HR management.

This year's Labor Market Review also includes information from the project www.zarplata.uz

A review of the labor market will allow you to properly develop and implement a human capital management strategy, determine the budget, optimize HR-business processes, thereby improving key business indicators.

Getting down to monitoring, the company’s manager should clearly understand why this information is important an how to use it for strategic planning.

Labor Market Review 2017:

  • Will help your company to become a more attractive and competitive employer in the labor market.
  • Will tell you how much to pay your employees by reference to the labor market.
  • Will allow you to hire talents.
  • Will increase the loyalty of your personnel.
  • Will help to be aware of the Uzbek labor market trends.

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