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The day before the event, we had an interview with Anna Efimova, Director of DaVinci Management Consulting, we talked about organization of an event in the field of HR consulting, as well as some background aspects of the conference projects.

- To date DaVinci Management Consulting is one of the leading companies in the sphere of providing consulting services in the market of Uzbekistan. And how did it all began?

- Thank you for valuing the activities of our company. For us it is valuable and important. Today, when a new economy and a new social image of an independent country are being formed, the requirements for doing business are growing, reliable partners and high-quality services are extremely important.

The company DaVinci Management Consulting operates only two and a half years. It would seem that the period is short, but during this period we managed to achieve a lot. We pay great attention to social projects. So, for example, as Dream Job School is a school for graduate students, in which they help them competently plan and build a career, look for their dream job.

Our specialists carefully study the market realities and trends, develop optimal solutions and programs in the field of personnel management and staff selection, corporate culture formation and staff motivation. We are working closely with employers and applicants, and we came to the conclusion that a special emphasis should be placed on establishing an equal dialogue between them. Previously, there was no analysis of the current state of affairs, employers had difficulties in finding the right specialists, and the expectations of job applicants for wages were not justified. This has prompted to launch the annual "Uzbekistan Labor Market Review" project.

- Tell us about the organization and establishment of the "Best Employer of Uzbekistan" award. What is the place of the award among other projects of DaVinci Management Consulting?

- Public recognition is a huge incentive for successful human activities, especially for the leaders of large collectives, enterprises and organizations, it is a visible landmark in choosing the right path, in building priorities in work and life. The "Best Employer of Uzbekistan" award is held to involve companies in the implementation of employment programs, including the creation of jobs for the younger generation, graduates. Also, the objectives of the award are the development of civilized labor relations, increasing the social responsibility of business, encouraging employers who make the greatest contribution to the development of the domestic labor market. This is the only award in the country aimed at increasing labor productivity, competitive wages and development opportunities.

Research for the "Best Employer of Uzbekistan" award this year will be held from March 20 to April 20. Each company has a unique opportunity to participate in our project, thereby demonstrating its potential for future employees, to assess themselves, to raise the level and image of the organization.

The results will be announced at the HR conference "Attraction and Development of Talents" on May 12 at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Moscow. We will also present a report on research, monitoring of public opinion research and expert evaluation.

- Any premium is a brick in the image of the company. How do you think, how does the "Best Employer of Uzbekistan" award affect the development of the company?

- Working on the project of the award, it can be noted that in recent years, companies have emerged and are gaining strength, which are leaders not only of the domestic but also of the external market. Such foremost producers of the new format form a favorable economic environment, but most importantly they provide social stability, creating new jobs, attracting young professionals, paying their employees a decent salary.

By awarding the best, we create benchmarks for the rest of the market participants, help them determine the vector of movement. Such stimulation of the business community is in the public interest. After all, the well-being of our country, the secure future of our children depends on the level of economic development, on its effective functioning.

This year, studies in the "Best Employer of Uzbekistan" award will be held in ten nominations. Among them - the amount of salary, working conditions, social benefits and preferences, opportunities for developing their potential. This information is not available in open sources, so we decided to showcase the best companies for applicants, and for the participants with the premium plus the image and brand development programs.

- The non-standard approach of your company is evident in the choice of topics and the invitation of speakers. What do you pay attention to in this direction, what are you guided by?

- Nowadays corporate social responsibility becomes the basic strategy of business development. A socially responsible business is a business that efficiently solves its commercial tasks, combining economic success with the movement towards social well-being.

The choice and development of an action strategy is the fruit of a thoughtful analysis and an objective evaluation of different economic models, without which it is impossible to identify market leaders. Within the framework of this work, there is always a serious professional discussion on topical social and economic problems, promising initiatives and projects are being born.

The theme of corporate social responsibility today is the most urgent. This is an integral part of daily work. I am glad that more companies are implementing socially-oriented programs: projects for training and development of personnel, creating favorable working conditions, supporting young people, and much more.

- What are the prospects for the upcoming conference? What are your expectations? What would its result be for the domestic labor market? What projects are you working on today? What are the plans for this year at DaVinci Management Consulting?

- The annual HR conference on the Republic level is organized by DaVinci Management Consulting for professionals in the management and development of human resources in enterprises and organizations of any scale and industry. Effective practices and tools for personnel management, new (smart) solutions will be presented in its diverse business program.

This year we hold HR-conference on May 12 in the hotel of capital - Radisson Blu Hotel. Famous SPEAKERS, unique suppliers of personnel solutions and services will present their ideas in the field of development and attraction of talents. The scale of the current conference is colossal. Applications for participation have already been submitted by more than 250 specialists. In total, it is planned to attract about 300 people, professionals in the field of HR and consulting are ready to share their rich experience with the audience of Uzbekistan.

All our projects are aimed at implementing the principles of social responsibility in the sphere of labor relations. Human capital in our time is one of the main values, and our company relies on developing a strategy for developing the potential of each individual employee.

DaVinci Management Consulting